Bulk Item Pickup Request

Please complete the form below to request item pickup.

Please place your bulk item pick-up order before 11 am on Wednesday. All bulk item pick-ups are scheduled on THURSDAYS. Commercial bulks will have a $35 trip fee. Please fill-out the information as detailed below and we will take care of the rest
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LOCATION(S) and ITEM(S) AT EACH SPECIFIC LOCATION - Please provide as much detail as possible.
Some important reminders:

ITEMS MUST BE OUTSIDE OF YOUR BUILDING by 7 AM. The reason for this is our bulk item drivers do not have access to the inside of your buildings and/or may arrive at your property at different times.

Residential only bulk will have a $25 trip fee plus the charge for the items we pick up.

Bulk item pick-ups are only scheduled on Thursdays of each week. If you do not email us for a bulk item pick-up – they will NOT be picked-up.

Our “bulk” drivers will pick-up all items outside which may be more or less items than the original request. Also, please remind your tenants to not place any items of value anywhere near the bulk items – as our drivers will take ALL bulk items. We are not responsible for any missing items that are out on pick-up day.

Appliance or electronic pick-up are scheduled on different days. We will notify you the following business day after receiving your email which day your appliance/electronic item(s) will be scheduled.

Any questions – please call our office at 651-457-7497.

You will receive a response via email from our support verifying that your pick-up has been scheduled.